Cecilia Mariani - International Mountain Leader

walk with me

“What a strange encounter then is that between man and the high places of this planet. Up there he is surrounded by silence. If there is a slope of snow steep as a glass window, he climbs it, leaving behind a strange trail.”

Gaston Rebuffat


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walk with me

Do you want to discover the mountains and experience them like never before? If you’re a beginner, and need some top tips on how to hike in complete safety, or if you want to spend a magical night in a tent and sleep under the stars, then you’re in the right place.

I’ll guide you on your first hike, hoping that you’ll fall in love with the mountains like I did many years ago. Or if you’re an expert hiker already, I’ll make you discover some incredible places off the beaten tracks.

Pack your bag, put your boots on. Let’s get ready to walk!


The international mountain leader is an expert of the high places, mountain paths and summits with breathtaking views. But also forests, mountain huts and lakes with the clearest water. Of everything that belongs in the mountains.

The mountain leader can add that little more to your mountain adventure. With my experience and knowledge I will make sure you’ll have an unforgettable time.

Do you know where you would like to go already, or would you like some ideas? Get in touch and we’ll find the perfect destination.